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Please read the atachment and answer each question. Please write at least 200 words per each case (not 200 words per question of each case), which is supposed to have a minimum of 400 words in total. PLEASE DO NOT COPY SENTENCES OR PHRASES OF SENTENCES DIRECTLY FROM TEXTBOOKS.

Do not use bullet points. Do not use direct quotes.

I will include the readings.

Opening Case: Global Branding of Avengers and Iron Man

QUESTION 1: Comment on Marvel Studios’ success at global branding. In your opinion, is its success related to the superhero theme of its movies, or could it have had the same level of success with other story lines?

QUESTION 2: Reflect on the role of Marvel Studios parent company, the Walt Disney Company, as a factor in the success of Marvel Studios. Do you think Marvel Studios would have had the same level of success without Disney?

Closing Case: Domino’s Pizza

QUESTION 1: Do you think it is wise for Domino’s to stick to its traditional “home delivery” business model, even when that is not the norm in a country, and when its international rivals have changed their format?

QUESTION 2: How does the marketing mix for Domino’s in Japan differ from that in the United States? How does that in India differ from the U.S. marketing mix?

QUESTION 3: What lessons can we draw from the Domino’s case study that might be useful for other international businesses selling consumer goods?

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