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We have talked about some of the purposes of writing in this lesson. An author’s purpose is usually to say something specific. Often it is to inform the reader about a specific problem in the world, such as living in poverty or about life during a certain time period. Sometimes the writer’s purpose will be similar to the book’s theme (subject for writing). When you find the theme, you also find what the author wants the reader to get from the story. 

For this discussion board activity, post the title of the book, what you think the theme of the book is, and what the author’s purpose is. 

A sample post may look something like this:

Book Title: Maniac Magee

(In body of message), I think the theme so far is that families are important to children learning how to survive. I think the author wants to make children, teachers, and parents more aware of children who may not have supportive families so that they can help them find ways to be successful. In a society, if people are not helped and forgotten, they may become problems for the society. But if people do more to help each other, the society can get better. 

You should post your message, then comment on the entries of at least two of your classmates.

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