2-3 page essay with reference page

Write a
2-3 page paper with the following

  • Describe three characteristics/skills of effective
    human services professionals and explain why each of these
    characteristics/skills is important.
  • Then explain your own strengths and limitations in
    relation to each of the three characteristics/skills, noting which of
    these characteristics/skills you excel in and those in which you need
    improvement or further development.
  • Finally, describe two wellness strategies (e.g., at the
    individual, group, or agency level) that might help prevent stress and/or
    burnout for you as a human services professional, and explain how they
    would be applied in the human services field.


characteristics of effective human services professionals

Acceptance– the ability of the professional
to be receptive of clients despite the physical appearance, ethnic background,
culture, gender, sexual preference, or behavior of the client

  It is important of human services
professionals to posses this characteristic in order to provide each client
with the highest level of care the professional is capable of delivering. This
skill allows professionals to approach each client with a positive attitude
instead of being judgmental of clients and thus hindering the professional’s
ability to provide the client with needed services.

My strengths with acceptance

I am willing to work on this skill

My limitations

Find it difficult at times to work
past negative behavior from clients

Take negative behavior personally
instead of realizing that it may be a defense mechanism, personality traits the
client has developed through life as a result of life experiences

Ignorant to diverse cultural beliefs
and ways that influence client believes

the ability for professionals to identify qualities and characteristics in
clients that distinguish them from one another

Individuality is an important skill for human services professional to
poses because it equips the professional with the ability to treat each client
as an individual with individual needs, lifestyles, assets, experiences,
feelings, goals, and barriers.

My strengths with Individuality

I understand everyone has different
life experiences, cultures, and backgrounds which influence who they are as

Don’t expect every client to behave
the same or share my believes and values

My limitations

I can’t identify any limitations I
have in this area

Confidentiality- not disclosing any information to another agency,
individuals, or groups with the client’s written consent to do so unless
information is being shared within staff meetings or with supervisor in the
benefit of the client’s best interest or the client is a danger to themselves
or other at which time appropriate authorities will be notified

  The ability for a human service
professional to maintain client confidentiality to crucial to the process of
building a relationship built on trust for the professional from the client.
Without a client’s trust in the human service professional, the client will not
be honest or open with the professional and as result not receive needed
services from the professional.

My strengths with confidentiality

I don’t share any information about
clients without written consents to release information

I am familiar that breaking client’s
confidentiality is a HIPPA code violation and punishable by fine,
incarceration, and/or not being allowed to work in the human service field

  My limitations

When I am asked about clients
progress or whereabouts by family members or loved ones and I don’t have
permission to share information with them from the client, it is difficult to
tell them that I cannot confirm or deny if I have a client by that name.

wellness strategy at the agency level that might help prevent stress and/or
burnout for me as a human services professional is to provide me with realistic
job expectations and reviews as well as adequate client to staff ratios.
Working at as a Residential Manger that houses ten clients with a staff of
three, including myself, can be a major stressor and cause for burnout for not
only myself but for my staff as well. The facility is operational twenty four
hours a day everyday of the year. It is unrealistic for staff and me to be able
to function at a level that is most beneficial to the client, the agency, and
our families and self under these conditions.

wellness strategy that may help prevent stress and/or burnout for me as a human
services professional at individual level is to remember why I have chosen to
pursue a career in this field when I become dissatisfied with my job, set
realistic expectations of myself as a human service professional, and try to
take time out for myself to nurture my mental and emotional needs. Having
demanding professional, academic, and personal responsibilities often causes
conflict with finding time for myself, nevertheless if it’s only ten minutes a
day to meditate or relax, I must find ways to relieve stress to prevent burnout
and not allow stress to negatively impact my profession.

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