3-1 Discussion: Market Segments


Companies use different resources to learn more about the specific market segments they plan to target. Using the resources in this module, search for information using a zip code of your choice. Some options to consider include Beverly Hills 90210, Las Vegas 89101, Miami Beach 33139, or Manchester, NH, 03101. First, enter your chosen zip code to access information about that area. Review the information provided about the area. In your initial post, describe the attributes of the segments in your area and what strategies marketers should use if they were trying to reach someone in this area.

In your responses to classmates, compare segments and draw similarities and differences between the marketing strategies.

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric document.


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Anna Klyuchik posted Dec 19, 2019 12:17 PM

Week 3 Discussion Market Segments TIPS and suggestions

In your initial post, describe the attributes of the segments in your area and what strategies marketers should use if they were trying to reach someone in this area.

Please note the assignment is asking for an analysis of at least two segments in this section.

Besides providing general information on the chosen ZIP code, you would want to include specific data for the two chosen segments for this area.

I am looking forward to reading specific critical analysis of the strategies marketers should use to reach the chosen segments. Please, provide specific details and analysis of the chosen strategies.

Website: Discover Community Lifestyle and Demographic Information
The site provides access to a tool you can use learn more about specific market segments using an area’s zip code.
This resource can be used for this week’s discussion.

Tapestry section provides you with the segments that can be found in the chosen ZIP code. When you select each segment, you can read further details on the right-hand side.


If you are having issues with the this website below pdf can be of help.


Pages 3-19 list the characteristics of segments based on geographic types – i.e. urban, rural, suburb. Each one has 4 or more segments types and includes an overall of the category with pertinent information.

Website: US Census Bureau – FactFinder
The site allows you to search for facts about communities in the United States.
This resource can be used for this week’s discussion.

You can also find helpful information in MKT113 Library Guide


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Please make sure to identify marketing strategies based on the interests, wants, and needs of the chosen segments.
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Anna Klyuchik posted Dec 19, 2019 12:18 PM

For this discussion I chose a ZIP 85716 Zip Code. This is Tucson area Zip Code that includes my daughter’s favorite park and our local Zoo. The park also includes special dog park area and often holds special dog-related events. There are a number of apartment complexes with students due to close proximity to the University.

The first category I choose for this analysis is Age. Based on the analysis majority of the population in this area would be considered young adults in the age category of 21-34. Median age for this Zip code is 35.5.

The second attribute that caught my attention was family composition for this area. As can be seen below majority of the households are one person household without children. Two to three person households could also indicate roommates in these households considering small percentage of married families with children.

Segment Categories

I choose to take a look at Urban Achievers Segment. This segment can be summarized as “Lower Mid Younger Mostly w/o Kids”. As was mentioned in the analysis, “These young singles, couples, and families are typically college-educated and ethnically diverse: about a third are foreign-born, and even more speak a language other than English”(MyBestSegments, para 1, Urban Achievers Segment ). Median Household Income at $37,332 is higher compared to the overall zip code area. Age range for this segment is under 35. This segment is mostly renters without children. Considering the proximity to the university one can suggest that some foreign undergraduate and graduate students could fall into this segment group.

The second segment I choose for this discussion is Low-Rise Living. This segment is summarized as “Lower Mid Middle Age Mostly w/ Kids”. This segment is described as “The most economically challenged urban segment, Low-Rise Living is known as a transient world for middle-aged, ethnically diverse singles and single parents”( MyBestSegments, para 1, Low-Rise Living Segment). Not surprisingly this segment is also mostly renters in the apartment complexes, could be single parents with kids and have lower education level compared to the Urban Achievers. The median household income is also lower at $27,536.

Based on the analysis of these two segments I would suggest different strategies for each segment considering that the interest and income potential is different. For the Urban Achievers Segment, I would consider social media campaign that could attract multi-cultural interest. Considering limited income and Millennials interest in immediate satisfaction, I would consider advertising a number of different payment options from specific credit cards to layaway programs. I would suggest completing more detailed analysis on the specific segment to insure that campaign is culturally appropriate considering diverse cultural population.

Low-Rise Living segment is more concerned with day to day bills and family budget. It was noted that the Low-Rise Living segment rarely shops online thus online social media campaign would not be a successful option to reach this group. To reach this group we could consider advertising on TV as it is noted that this group often watches boxing. We could also pinpoint specific magazines like Latina to reach this population. Considering ethnically diverse families we could include higher family values in our campaign to catch attention of this group. For example our textbook stated that Hispanic families tend to shop more often and bring more family members to the store. If we are advertising our dog food we could highlight the concepts that the dog is a member of the family and bring in-store point of sale to catch attention of these shoppers.




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