4 to 5 pages argumentative essay about a current environment problem

For this essay you
will need to pick an argumentative topic that focuses on a current problem with the
.  Start by watching a
Science and Nature documentary (published within the last 5 years) on Netflix
or another movie streaming website. After watching the documentary, do some
basic Internet research about the topic (do not use the same sources as the
documentary) and find at least 3 other credible sources.  Keep in mind that you can
conduct your own interviews with experts, such as your professors. Then, form
an assertive and debatable thesis statement and develop your 3 to 5 page argument
in support of that thesis.  

Here are some
writing tips for you: An effective argument must convey an authoritative,
objective, formal tone and must also address and refute counter-arguments.
Present the opposing side of the argument fairly. (Sometimes it is a good idea
to bring these up in the first paragraph so that you can refute them throughout
the rest of the paper with credible evidence.) Be sure to avoid first and
second person point of view.  Use
rhetorical appeals to emphasize the significance and relevance of the topic. 

*All sources used for this essay
must be published within the last 5 years.

Here are a few documentaries to get you started on this

Plastic Paradise

The Great Invisible

The Ghosts in Our Machine


King Corn

Give Me Shelter


Vanishing of the Bees

Assignment source requirements:

You must cite at least 4
credible and individual sources

You must cite at least 1 Science/Nature

You must cite at least 3 other
Internet sources

You can use a personal interview as one of the 3
other required sources

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