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Language profiles

In pairs or groups of three (but no more than three), prepare a profile for a Middle Eastern language or dialect providing information on classification, geographic distribution, number of speakers, status, orthography, structure and any other information you may find intriguing. You will find information on the world’s 6000 or so languages on the ethnologue web site at:


If you are not sure which language you would like to profile, go to the country index and check a Middle Eastern country. The page will give you links to the country’s languages.


You may also consult the linguistics Wikipedia which is more reliable than the general Wikipedia.

Note: Do not profile a language you already know! If you have studied Egyptian Arabic, then profile another dialect distantly related, e.g., Moroccan, Nigerian Arabic, Uzbeki Arabic, or choose another language.

Submission date is Tuesday evening September 11.

Some helpful guidelines


The collective essay should be minimally three pages (750 words), typed, double-spaced including references and any charts, maps, etc.


Should you decide to refer to dictionaries, web sites, or articles/books, do the following:

• Name all (but also only) sources you used. This includes books, articles, websites.

• Use a consistent and complete format for all your quotations.

• List all your sources in the List of Sources Cited, the final section of your paper

General Comments

• Structure your paper clearly and purposefully by dividing it into purposeful paragraphs.

• Insert page numbers.

• Avoid conversational, informal language; however, do not replace it with convoluted language.

• Avoid any kind of jargon and wordiness, i.e., don’t try to impress the reader with “big” words and statements; instead, use clear writing to make an impact on the reader.

• If at all possible, let a person unfamiliar with Linguistics read your paper to assess its clarity.

Spell-check and proof-read your paper for typos and grammatical errors.

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