Accounting Homework

Perform an analysis of the data using technology tools, such as Excel (and Pivot Tables) and write a report on your findings.

The analysis should focus on trends and/or anomalies in the data. For example, you might highlight heavy or light activity in a district of the city; activity trends based on dates; or a deeper dive into specific cameras. The analysis should be robust and thoughtful …even creative.

The report should be around 3 pages. Some amount of graphics should be incorporated (Excel charts ), and active use of visuals will increase the length of the report. Be sure to include some context, which might include some history and the breadth of the program. The tone of the report should be focused on an analysis to be presented to a mayoral candidate who is wrestling with the trade-off between revenue generated vs. the “PR” effect of the tickets being issued.

Submit a Word document along with supporting Excel file. Grading will be based on demonstrated use of the technology (20 points); relevance and depth of the analysis (10 points); and quality of the written analysis (spelling, grammar, and flow; 10 points).

here is the link to download the data

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