Analysis of Langston Hughes and another racial minority poet in America

You will find a poem that relates to the poet LANGSTON HUGHES  in the lesson either in a stylistic, thematic, or historical way. Following the directions, you will locate a poem and write a short analysis of it.

Use research on the internet to locate a poet from another racial minority group in America. Some examples could be Native Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans, or another group of your choice. Find one poem by this poet that you particularly enjoyed. Then, write one paragraph of analysis (200­250 words). Your paragraph should include the following:

  • The poet’s name.
  • What minority group does this poet represent?
  • What themes does this poet tend to address?
  • Include a passage from the poem that shows a poetic device (complex sentences, unusual punctuation and/or capitalization, metaphors, similes, cataloguing, parallelism, repetition, rhythm, etc.)
  • Compare and/or contrast the poem of your choice to one of Hughes’ poems from this lesson. What is the most important connection between this poet and Hughes?

Cite the online resources that you used for your research. Using an online tool such as Citation Machine can help you create your works cited page. (Remember that we use MLA in English class.)

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