Answer the following law question.

John and Mary went to college together. They regularly took classes and studied at their campus library together. They soon became competitive about their grades and each wanted to excel at a research project they had in their Introduction to the Courts course. Mary found a book in the library that she believed would help her get an A on her research project, so she checked it out. John, not realizing he could use the online library database to also read the book, became angry that Mary would not permit him to use it. They began grappling over the book at the top of the second floor library stairs. As John tried to grab the book away from Mary, he accidentally shoved her and she fell down the stairs. Luckily Mary survived the fall, but she was badly injured. Her injuries resulted in thousands of dollars in medical bills, she was forced to put her studies on hold and take time off of work.
a. Criminal Law: Did John commit a crime? Why or why not?
b. Civil Law: May Mary sue John in civil court? Why or why not?

Explain your answers to each of the above questions in at least 500 words (250 words per question) using proper Bluebook citations.

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