Answer the questions (200-300 words)

You need to choose one of the topic below

1. The aspect of healthcare should integrate educating the local people on the best lifestyle standards in terms of what they consume, by providing the best healthcare facilities for everyone to access with minimum delays. Obesity in America is a significant problem and affects over 70 million adults. There is a need for awareness to teach people about healthy living.

2. Social welfare is another sensitive aspect as it cuts across the safety and security of people at workplaces, homes, and places of work. The high cost of housing has immensely increased poverty. Lack of a proper shelter or no shelter at all is detrimental to one’s health.

3. The last but not least aspect is the cost of student loans. Most people are enrolling in colleges to secure their future; however, the rising cost of higher education leads to students taking a loan to pay their fees. Eventually, it translates into a debt which the same people struggle to pay upon completion of college. There should be a provision for these students to access loans but at a low-interest rate.

Then answer the questions.

1. Is there a problem?

2. What exactly is the problem?

3. How serious is the problem?

4. What kind of proposal would solve the problem?

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