assignment about Life Journey Prompt

  1. Imagine your life as a journey. What is your starting point? Where are you going? And who is the traveller?

    Are you traveling alone or as part of a group? If you are part of a group describe those who are with you. Who are they? What are they like? Why are you with them, or they with you?

    What do you bring with you? What have you picked up on the way? What have you gotten rid of? What do you still need to pick up or get rid of?

    Now, describe the stages of this journey. What defines each stage? Include the stages which still lie ahead, at least as you imagine them, as well as those you have completed.

    What is the terrain like at each stage along the way? What are the people like? If you are traveling with a group, does it change from stage to stage or stay the same? What are you doing at each stage? Is there something you are trying to accomplish? What resources do you need? How do you obtain them? What have you learned at each stage along the way? What do you still need to learn.

    Now, imagine your destination. What is it like? Describe the place, the people, and what you are doing there. What makes it a destination rather than just another stage? Reflecting back, what has the journey as a whole (asopposed to the individual stages) taught you? What have you accomplished? What is the point of the journey? Why do you believe this?

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