Criminal Case Brief

Criminal Case Brief

For this assignment, you will research a case and present and present a summary of your findings as a case brief.

Read the following case: State of Minnesota v. Daryl Negel Curtis A17-0390 January 10, 2018. (State v. Curtis, 905 N.W.2d 609 (Minn., 2018) State v. Curtis, 905 N.W.2d 609 (Minn., 2018)

Note: State Supreme Court cases like this can be found in Fastcase by following the below procedure in this video Finding a Fastcase State Supreme Court Case

After reviewing the case, address the following in a case brief:

  • What are the basic key facts of the case? Provide a summary of the facts.
  • What are the issues being decided on the case? Be sure to address each of the decisions if there are more than one.
  • How did the judge come to their decision? What was the rationale in the judges reasoning?
  • What impact does this case have on the competency requirement for defendants?

Use the below resources to help you structure your Case Brief.


  • Your paper should be 2 pages in length, with at least 3 references formatted according to Bluebook Standards. For writing assistance, consider using Grammarly or submitting your written assignment to the Writing Lab prior to submitting your

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