Week 9 Discussion

This discussion question is preparation for your final project. You will develop a case presentation for this discussion and you will consider this discussion a case consultation from your fellow classmates and instructor to finalize your final Ethical Dilemma Presentation.

1. Develop an ethical case scenario between and client and behavioral health worker (1-2 paragraphs).In your case example, use an ethical dilemma that has been explored in the course (dual relationships, informed consent, values, confidentiality). Provide as much detail about the case as possible, outline the dilemma and all potential parties involved. Answer these questions: What is the dilemma and what ethical codes are involved in the dilemma? Explore three possible reactions that the behavioral health specialist could have to this dilemma and the potential consequences to each of these reactions.

Respond to three additional students case dilemmas by asking questions, suggesting other potential ethical codes or laws that one would consider, and any other recommendations you may have for the students and his or her case.

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