week 5 discussion

This week focuses on the creation of an implementation plan and associated change management. Think of an example where change was attempted but failed. Using the concepts presented in this week’s readings, discuss what contributed to the failure and what might have been done to prevent it.

Due Monday

Reply to at least 2 of your classmates. Be constructive and professional in your responses.

1, Robin (Wilson) Ambersley

I worked for an organization that desperately tried to implement a “clan” culture meaning that they want to promote the idea of team’s within in regions collaborating as a cohesive unit. They attempted to create an empowering culture where each team member was a SME (subject matter expert) or took ownership of a particular responsibility. One reason why this strategy failed is because of the name itself. Operation “create clan culture” failed because of lack of political interest. The company prided itself on an inclusive, melting pot culture and the tragedy in Charlottesville, VA during a KKK rally was in headlines the same month as the culture strategy roll out. It seemed as if incompetent leadership was another factor where management was unaware or out of touch to the current political climate. The clan culture had a great premise/concept but horrible timing!


Zoraida Renteria

2/29/20, 2:33 PM

Hello Denny and Class,

The implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) database fails because a company is unhappy with the current software or process. Sales companies promise ERP will reduce manual labor and simplify work processes and promising real time data viewing. Managers and corporate decision makes are sold when they think they will be able to measure productivity and profitability. An Article states, more than 29% of ERP implementations fail to achieve even half the planned business benefits. Some well known examples include Waste Management suing SAP for $500 million for a failed ERP implementation, Hershey Foods’ 19% drop in profits from a failed SAP implementation (Bista, 2015). One reason for failure of an ERP database is that a company often times moves to soon to the next level of software. The organization controls is not well thought out for this change. Hitt explains, organizational controls guide the use of strategy, indicate how to compare actual results with expected results, and suggest corrective actions to take when the difference is unacceptable (2015). Companies analyze the next step and figure it is more cost effective to work with what the database they bought.


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Hitt, M. A., Ireland, R. D., & Hoskisson, R. E. (2015, 2013). Strategic Management: Concepts and Cases: Competitiveness and Globalization. (11th ed.). Retrieved from https://phoenix.vitalsource.com/#/books/9781305217188/.

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