Journal: My Diet Assignment

Introduction: Download the Word document to complete this assignment.

One of the most telling activities you can do is write down what you eat and drink every day. You will get the most out of this activity if you don’t make an effort to change foods for healthier choices, just eat the way you normally would eat.

Day 1: (10 points)

Write down the foods you eat, the portion size, and all of the drinks you have with their portion size. Do your best to estimate how much you consume. Do not wait until the end of the day to write down what you eat; keep track as you go through the day. Include everything such as a nibble of candy from a candy jar or foods eaten while preparing your meal.

Day 2: (10 points)

  • Go to My Plate Plan:
  • Enter your data in “Get Your MyPlate Plan”
  • Click on your calories to see your suggested eating plan.
  • How much should you consume daily from each of these groups? Give some examples:

Day 3: (10 points)

Keep track of your diet for one more day. Try to meet your target for each group. Write down your food choices.

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