music Elements of Sound

Using the Elements of Sound; pitch, dynamics, melody, rhythm, tempo, key, tone color, harmony, texture, and chord. Describe one of your favorite pieces of music. The purpose of this assignment is for you to demonstrate that you can name, define, and apply the appropriate Elements of Sound while giving a good description of the particular piece of music that you choose. Introduce the piece of music, name the artist, name the style or genre, and then use the appropriate elements of sound that best describe it! Don’t try to use all of them, be selective and be precise. In every assignment you must describe the art as if the reader has never heard or seen the music or art. You must study the Elements of Sound to be successful at this assignment. Like any new language, it will initially feel awkward, but as you listen to your music piece and apply the vocabulary, it will make sense. As the course progresses you will be more comfortable! So relax and allow yourself to enjoy the art. You are learning to write critically about art. Do not write in the first person in this course. (One page)

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