Critical Media Analysis

This assignment involves taking a critical media literacy approach to a contemporary media product. First, you will need to select a media product to analyze. This may be an advertisement, a television show or movie, a video game, an app, a piece of educational software, newspaper article, viral Facebook post, etc.

When selecting your media product, keep in mind that you will be using strategies (such as those listed in the Key Questions to Ask When Analyzing Media Messages handout (Links to an external site.) and in the course materials) to critically analyze the content of your media product. Be sure to choose a form of media that lends itself to this type of analysis.

  • Length of written assignment: 500-750 words
  • Should include at least three references (at least 2 academic) to provide rationale or support for your analysis.
  • Be sure to conduct a well thought-out analysis and use MLA to cite your sources.
  • Possible formats: Essay, video, presentation, blog post

The completed assignment should include examples from the original media product and written or spoken analysis.

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