Research Essay Draft Peer Review (half a page)!!!

this can be half or little less than half a page!!!

1. Gives you other examples and models of how your peers responded to a prompt.

2. Reinforces whether you completed the assignment according to the prompt.

3. Affirms through your peers comments or your reading of peer’s work which areas of the assignment you are most successful in and which might need more attention.

4. Gives you the opportunity to practice the skills of working with others and providing constructive feedback.

5. Clarifies your own knowledge through teaching others.

Some notes and clarifications about peer review:

1. It is not your job to proofread and edit your peer’s work. Point out repeated grammar errors if you see them and make sure to look them up to clarify your own sense of the correction before correcting a peer.

2. Follow Netiquette and be kind and constructive, but don’t provide empty compliments. Follow your instincts and be honest with your peers. If you think they may have misinterpreted the assignment, check the prompt, and suggest that they ask the instructor- or clarify with the instructor yourself first.

3.Do not rely on your peer as you would an instructor or expect them to catch every problem with your draft. Peer review cannot replace the guidance of a trained tutor or instructor.

4. Sometimes you may not get the guidance you hoped for from your peers, or you may feel you do a lot more helping than being helped. In some cases your gift in this exercise is to help others- and believe it or not, we learn and grow most when we teach others.

5. Even after a great peer review session, you should review your own draft using the rubric as guidance. This is the same rubric that is used by the instructor to grade your final essay.

Peer review PDF attached below!!

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