“Get Out” and “Eves Bayou”

Please pay extra attention to the instructions:

-This essay should discuss the subtopics of Racism/slavery, retribution and white supremacy in two movies “Get Out” by Jordan Peele and “Eves Bayou” (1997) by Kasi Lemmons. You should write a compare and contrast essay about the two movies in terms of retribution, secrecy, and white supremacy.

– This essay should NOT summarize the two movies.

– At least TWO secondary sources should be presented in this essay. (An outside article/blog/opinion that supports your argument or you refute in your paper. Wikipedia and dictionaries are not appropriate sources. You may add additional sources for background, but make sure TWO sources address the two movies directly.)

– For every argument done in this essay, there should be at least two to three direct examples from the movies or secondary sources to support it.

– There should be a thesis statement at the end of the first paragraph (the introduction paragraph) and all three subtopics should be laid out and introduced in this paragraph.

-Each paragraph introducing a new subject or idea should have a topic sentence.

– The whole essay EXCLUDING the Works Cited page should be at least 1800 words. You do not need to include the two movies in the works cited section but secondary sources should be cited there.

– please let me know if you need me to upload similar works as a sample paper. Feel free to ask any questions. Thank you

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