Nursing Informatics – Profession and Theory

  • Using one episode in a recent clinical experience, describe how you mentally move data through information and knowledge to wisdom. Keep it small, such as giving a medication or assessing a patient for lung congestion.
    • How did you evaluate and combine the different pieces of data?
    • What was the outcome of this process?
    • Reflect on how an information system could assist with this process?
  • Using Sociotechnical theory, make a plan to assess the readiness of an organization for a new information system. Describe 5 points you would focus on. Be prepared to defend or promote why these points are important.
  • What advantage is there in a Nurse obtaining their Informatics Nurse Specialist Certification?
  • Using Lewin’s change theory- describe a current change you would make in healthcare in a clinical setting and describe each step. Be prepared to discuss strategies that can assist in each step.

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