reflection paper 1.5 long follow instruction only!

see attachment to see the requirements

please do not start writing the paragraph from ” I am at the practicum blah blah blah” or “cousnling is about this and that blag blah”, we do not need this intro, just jump straight to what we want to right in this reflection paper

so, please follow the. direction recently two people did not wrote what I wrote and what I wanted to be in it.

do not use names use “client or Jane”.

this time u can write about me doing biopsychosocial assessment (intake) with 15 year old hispanic. She was got admitted to partial program (PHP). she was hospitalized last year (inpatient) exactly during same time (feb-march 2019). She came back because she saw the man who hurt her again while she was working in the bakery (fresh market). You can write how hard it was for me to work with the trauma because I do noe have a lot of experience and this girl was very tearful and I did not want her to fill worse by asking and asking questions. you can say that in one moment I left the computer and sat closer to her because felt that this conversation is being very tough and difficult for my client and I did not think that me sitting lil more far away with the computer was appropriate. You can add that at first she was not open and I switched the subject and asked about something else but than later I cam back to it asking different questions and being more empathetic and much more understanding and she opened up to me. This intake took 2h. (she was sexually molested by her uncle since she was 12 for 2 years (12-14) and she was molested together with her little cousin in uncle house. She did not speak up for 2 years she was afraid no-one will believe her, however she decided to do so. DCFS closed the case because there was not enough evidenced.

please add some reading to it and maybe cite or paraphrase someone into that paper !! and open the attachment !

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