Week 7 Discussion

Discussion 1:

“Messaging in social media”

Please respond to the following:

Social media messaging shouldn’t just be used for selling and promotion, but rather for engagement. Give two (2) examples of what you consider to be engaging messages. What do you think needs to be incorporated inside of an engaging message? Why do you think these items need to be incorporated?

Choose a company and look at two (2) of their social media platforms. Explain why you find them engaging. What caught your eye? What type of engagement do you think is most likely to occur? Include a copy of the engaging messages in your post.

Discussion 2:

Know the influencers

Please respond to the following:

In your opinion, what does it mean to be an influencer? Provide reasons behind your opinion.

Present two (2) brands you believe are influencers, and explain why you feel that way in a short (one to two [1-2] minute) video using Kaltura to share your ideas.

Blackboard has a video capturing application built right in called Kaltura. You may use an iPad, cellphone, laptop, desktop, or traditional video recorder to record your discussion response but you will need to upload to Kaltura to submit it. It may be easiest to submit your video in the discussion board by clicking on Mashup in your text editor box, then selecting Kaltura Video. For a help document that demonstrates making a video in Kaltura click here.

Discussion 3:

Measure your social media impact

Please respond to the following:

What are some of the metrics that tie back to engagement, promotion, and conversion, respectively? How do you think these metrics tie back to engagement, promotion, and conversion? Why do you think these metrics are important?

How can those metrics help businesses use social media effectively? Justify your response

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