How Covid 19 effects African American Community

Write an essay Issues in Black America today

The following includes a rubric then a list of issues and links facing the African American community in the United States. During the Civil Rights movement African Americans considered their major issues to be problems of segregation, discrimination and economic equality. How much has really changed since then? With the issue that you choose explain what the problem really is facing the community and what community leaders and political leaders are doing about it. Your goal here is to process the information then breakdown and explain what the most significant issue is facing black people in the U.S. today.

You may add more information sources as you like. You need to make sure they are academically credible:

Credible: major newspapers, education sites, governmental departments, major world organizations (CDC, WHO)

Not credible: blogs, wikipedia, tabloid news


Uses Research presented and indicates clearly that it was used and understood


Explains main issues

Explains main issues in depth and how it affects black people in America.

What is the actual problem?

What are underlying problems that lead to this?

How many people does this affect? Why is it a major issue?


Explains solutions in depth

Explains possible solutions in depth and how they could benefit black people in America.

What are solutions that policy makers are using? What other solutions are available? Why do some think these solutions are effective? Why do some think these solutions are not effective? What do you think is the most effective solution? Why?



Create an activity to help the class understand why this issue matters or why the solution would be effective.

How would you explain this to someone who doesn’t understand?



Properly formatted list of sources

Required for assignment credit.

Do not Plagiarize

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