Business Analysis CIS200

What is Business Analysis?

In order to have a successful project, the project manager needs a Business Analyst to help determine the needs and requirements. For this course, you will work on a group project as the Business Analyst, a Project Manager or a Stakeholder at different times during the course and as the Business Analyst for your own project.

First, take the time to learn what Business Analysis is and what a Business Analyst is.

  • Read Chapter 1 (Introduction) of the IIBA Book.
  • Pay close attention to the six knowledge areas in chapter 1.

Next, take some time to watch a few videos and read an article on Business Analysis.

Last, take some time to learn the key concepts in Business Analysis.

  • Read Chapter 2 (Business Analysis Key Concepts) of the IIBA Book.
  • Stakeholders are very important to a project. Who are stakeholders and how does the Business Analyst work with the stakeholders? Go to to watch arrow to click on to watch the video to learn about stakeholders.
  • Read the article: The Role of Stakeholders in your Business
  • Research the internet for articles or videos on Stakeholders. Be prepared to talk about one article and one video that you found on the internet. Be able to answer the question:
  • What made this article and video so interesting about stakeholders? What did you learn?
  • Watch the video arrow to click on to watch the video on the difference between business and functional requirements.

Select a project from the list below that you will work on throughout the 10 weeks. This is your personal project. Each week you will be responsible for a deliverable. At the end of the course, you will do a presentation on your project.

List of projects:

  • Purchase a gaming computer
  • Go to an IT conference
  • Purchase a tablet
  • Create a Checkbook Mobile app
  • Organize an IT conference

For your task, submit a business case that includes the following:

  • Select a project.
  • Explain why you selected this project.
  • List your stakeholders.
  • Based on your experience and what you have learned, what will the Business Analyst’s job be like in your personal project?
  • Which of the six knowledge areas can you address at this time, if any, for your project?

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