Evaluation/Analysis Paper

Based upon the student’s own evaluation/analysis and the information gained from one of the assigned Faigley readings – “Let It Snow,” “The Old Man Isn’t There Anymore,” and “In Praise of Fast Food,” — a 3-4 page evaluation paper will be constructed by the student. This paper will be an analysis/evaluation paper, not a plot summary. A strong position-based thesis, in-text citations, and a Work(s) Cited page must be included with this paper; however, the Work(s) Cited page does NOT count as part of the required 4 pages. Finally, the paper should include no or very little use of outside sources other than the primary source that is being evaluated. Use of the first person (I and we) and second person (you and all of its forms) is not acceptable.

MLA format.

Faigley, L (2017). Writing: a guide for college and beyond. NewYork: Pearson.

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