Canada Indigenous Education review paper

Criteria for written work and assignments:

1.All written assignments should be typed in 12-point Times New Roman font and double-spaced.

2.Please use APA style reference 6th edition for all written work. It is not necessary to go over the required number of pages for each assignment. It is important that you proofread your work, checking for spelling and grammatical errors. Written assignments with spelling errors can compromise your grade.


Review Paper:

1. This paper is no more than 4 pages in length

2. When you have completed this assignment and need to upload the articles you selected together, make sure that the article should be relevant to Indigenous Education and written from the Indigenous perspective

2. For this paper, the article should relevant to Indigenous Education and written from the Indigenous perspective. In this case, a reference to the article should be provided. Please note that this is not a summary of the article. You should write critically about the content of the article, including the importance of the topic. And finally, you may focus on, and critically engage with, the main theme(s) in the article. You will be graded as follows:

Paper guideline and component


Introduction to topic


Your discussion/analysis and review (why is topic important, what are the main themes in the article, relevance to Indigenous Education)


Conclusion, communication , organization (summing up your main points and concluding your paper)

(organization of paper, free of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes)


Total grade for assignment


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