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Your written response to both parts should total a minimum of 7–10 pages. Be sure to support your writing with references to scholarly sources. Your written response must follow APA format.

Part 1

Fair, Valid, and Legally Defensible Selection Procedures (minimum 4–6 pages)

  • Select a court case from the list below. Summarize the case you selected, including the employee selection method and the selection issue. Summarize the opposing positions, and explain whether you agree with the court decision. Justify your position.
  • Explain two impacts of using tests that are not linked to job analyses. Then, explain some consequences of using a misaligned testing process in selection. Support your response with at least two examples from the current literature.
  • Review the CaseStudy included below. Explain how you might sequence the flow of the selection process for the problem presented in the case study. Then, explain what additional information may be needed from the client for you to make an optimal recommendation for a fair selection process.

Court Cases:

Ricci et al. v. DeStefano et al, 557 U.S. 557 (2009). Retrieved from http://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/08pdf/07-1428.pdf

Part 2
Selection Tools—Ethical and Legal Considerations (minimum 3-4 pages)
Explain the costs and benefits of personality tests compared to other quantitative predictors that a personnel consultant may have considered using in the employment context. Explain two potential consequences of faking a personality test. Finally, explain whether or not you consider faking personality tests to be a serious problem and why.

Many organizations today use forms of social media to identify potential (e.g., LinkedIn) and screen out job applicants (e.g., Facebook). Early research has some mixed results and no real clear guidance on what is the best process to use when it comes to leveraging social media. Draft a policy statement that outlines a process for the ethical and fair use of social media in employee selection. Explain how you would “socialize” the proposed policy.

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