Project Doing Sociology

This is the first step in a project designed to get you out into the real world and “doing sociology.” Our project will eventually ask you to make observations at an international grocery store in our local community and make sense of what you see by applying relevant sociological concepts. Before you go out to do your observations, this first step asks you to read and summarize some of the existing social scientific research related to food, culture, and diversity in cities.


  1. Choose one article from each of the two lists below (two articles total).
  2. Access the article in the. Bowi Library’s electronic resources using the bibliographic information provided.
  3. Download and complete this worksheet, i will download it .where you will first provide an A.S.A. citation of the articles, then describe the research method used by the author(s) and the data they collected and lastly summarize (using your own words!) the main argument presented by the author(s).

Articles on food, culture, and immigrant communities (author’s last name, and title):

  • Bailey, “The Migrant Suitcase: Food, Belonging and Commensality among Indian Migrants in The Netherlands”.
  • Kershen, “Food in the British Immigrant Experience”.
  • Moffat; Mohammed; Newbold, “Cultural Dimensions of Food Insecurity among Immigrants and Refugees”.
  • Munoz, “Latino/a Immigrant Street Vendors in Los Angeles: Photo-Documenting Sidewalks from ‘Back-Home’”
  • Parasecoli, “Food, Identity, and Cultural Reproduction in Immigrant Communities”.
  • Sweeney-Tookes, “‘The Food Represents’: Barbadian Foodways in the Diaspora”.
  • Viladrich, Tagliaferro, “Picking Fruit from our Backyard’s Trees: The Meaning of Nostalgia in Shaping Latinas’ Eating Practices in the United States”.
  • Wenzel, “Eating Together, Separately: Intergroup Communication and Food in a Multiethnic Community”.
  • Williams-Forson,“‘I Haven’t Eaten if I Don’t Have My Soup and Fufu’: Cultural Preservation through Food and Foodways among Ghanaian Migrants in the United States”.

Articles on Diversity, immigration, and cities

  • Farrell, and Firebaugh, “Is Immigrant Neighborhood Inequality Less Pronounced in Suburban Areas?”
  • Knowles, “Nigerian London: Re-mapping Space and Ethnicity in Superdiverse Cities”.
  • Price, and Benton-Short, “Immigrants and World-Cities: From the Hyper-Diverse to the Bypassed”.
  • Wang, and Lo, “Global Connectivity, Local Consumption, and Chinese Immigrant Experience”.
  • Wood, “Vietnamese American Placemaking in Northern Virginia”.
  • Zhang, and Logan, “Global Neighborhoods: Beyond the Multi-ethnic Metropolis,”.

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