Retail business Charter/Proposal


Complete a proposal/charter document for the following project topic:

1. Retail business (merchandise sales) – Open a new location to expand business and service additional customers.

background of the business or organization and the details of the
project will be determined by you by using information you know,
performing general research, and/or developing the details on your own.
All information for the project must be developed by you for the
individual assignments.
YOU MAY NOT COPY PROJECT INFORMATION from any other sources except if
you are substantiating a topic with data or facts.

you not only are describing the project in your charter but justifying
it in order to formally authorize completing the project.

Please review PMBOK for Project Charter Output requirements. The project charter must include all 12 elements of the output requirements;
project purpose/justification, objectives & success criteria, high
level requirements, assumptions & constraints, etc.

Remember to always properly reference. Since this is a project document, youmay add a References page at the very end of the document.

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