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Unit 2 essay

ASSIGNMENT FOR UNIT 2: SPORTS CONTRACTS For this second unit, answer the following questions. QUESTION #1 (50%): You know that every contract must have an offer, acceptance, consideration and a meeting of the minds. (1) Explain these four terms IN YOUR OWN WORDS (graded at one point per term) AND (2) Provide an example of […]

Respond to 2 classmates HIM 301- 100 words each

Original Post Surgical Services Scenario [WLOs: 2, 4] [CLOs: 1, 2, 3] Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum, Read Chapters 5, 7 ,8 , and 9 of Health Informatics: An Interprofessional Approach. Analyze the Wire diagram of healthcare supply chain information systems in Chapter 7 of your text (Figure 7.5). Using the scenario […]

Self-Assessment: Power and Privilege

Getting Started Self-awareness and commitment to ongoing personal reflection are important components of all levels of social work practice. Specifically, you will find it helpful to understand the extent to which you occupy power in society by virtue of your race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, age, familial status, and other demographic factors. For example, if […]

Sashi OB problem set – I need a case study on the below topic

Problem Set #6 Assignment Provide at least a 150 word graduate level response to each of the following questions. 1. What power tactics can employees use to translate their power bases into specific actions and how does each one work? 2. Pauline has been asked to reorganize her department, eliminating at least two people within […]

Rough Draft Qualitative Research Critique and Ethical Considerations

Write a critical appraisal that demonstrates comprehension of two qualitative research studies. Use the “Research Critique Guidelines – Part 1” document to organize your essay. Must provide rationale, include examples, and reference content from the studies in your responses. In a 1,000–1,250 word essay, summarize two qualitative studies (must use provided ARTICLE 1 and 2 […]

Use a Systems Perspective to Understand the “Whole Child”

Instructions Before submitting your Assessment, carefully review the rubric. This is the same rubric the assessor will use to evaluate your submission and it provides detailed criteria describing how to achieve or master the Competency. Many students find that understanding the requirements of the Assessment and the rubric criteria help them direct their focus and […]

​Assume you are the owner of a medium sized restaurant (50 seats) operation. What are the challenges you would face as you decide to reopen amidst COVID-19?

Assume you are the owner of a medium sized restaurant (50 seats) operation. What are the challenges you would face as you decide to reopen amidst COVID-19? Pick an area from the following and list one or two decisions you would make in that area Predicting Demand / Capacity Marketing / Pricing Food Preparation / […]


Federalism News Journal Written Assignment: News Journals require you to relate current events to the topics covered within POS 2041, American National Government. For your first Journal, choose from one of the articles listed below. Welcome Back, Federalism–Dems Begin to Champion State’s Rights https://thehill.com/opinion/judiciary/444387-welcome-back-federalism-dems-begin-to-champion-states-rights U.S. Suspends Nuclear Arms Control Treaty With Russia https://www.nytimes.com/2019/02/01/us/politics/trump-inf-nuclear-treaty.html Block grants […]

reflection paper 1.5 long follow instruction only!

see attachment to see the requirements please do not start writing the paragraph from ” I am at the practicum blah blah blah” or “cousnling is about this and that blag blah”, we do not need this intro, just jump straight to what we want to right in this reflection paper so, please follow the. […]

Option #1: Capital Rationing -CT6

Table with Cash Flows for 5 projects. Project A Project B Project C Project D Project E Initial Investment -$100,000 -$25,000 -$40,000 -$10,000 -$150,000 Year 1 $50,000 $15,000 $20,000 $7,000 $100,000 Year 2 $40,000 $10,000 $15,000 $4,000 $25,000 Year 3 $20,000 $5,000 $5,000 $2,000 $10,000 Year 4 $10,000 $1,000 $5,000 $1,000 $10,000 Year 5 $1,000 […]