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business 101

1. Today corporations are required to send their stockholders an annual report.  Assume that you are a prospective investor trying to decide if you should invest in a specific corporation. What type of information is contained in an annual report that would help you decide if this is the right investment for you?  Give reasons […]

Business Law Essay Needed

APA Format, 4 double spaced pages, Times New Roman 12pt font   Part A Using the Internet as a resource, research the Coca-Cola Company’s efforts to keep its soft drink formula a trade secret over the course of the company’s (and the soft drink’s) one hundred-year-plus history. 1.    Provide a brief summary of The Coca-Cola […]

Computer Science Paper

Gem Infosys, a small software company, has decided to better secure its computer systems after a malware attack shut down its network operations for 2 full days. The organization uses a firewall, three file servers, two Web servers, one Windows 2008 Active Directory server for user access and authentication, ten PCs, and a broadband connection […]

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In a command or planned economy, the government, not the market, regulates the factors of production and economic activities considered essential to the function of the economy.  Economic decisions including what goods and services to produce (supply), how resources are allocated and regulated and how profits are distributed are made and implemented by the government. […]