business owners/ project management

this project is about business owner, the prof gave us a project to work on for the semester, each class he gave us MEMO the memo is what the project is the following:

Magnificent Mosaics

Your company is a relatively new organization, and you specialize in producing mosaics for people that are customized for their locale. Typically these mosaics are on the bottom of swimming pools or are floors in solariums or walls in large rooms. You company is well known because you have been successful in creating a system that can take a photograph or drawing and reproduce the image in a mosaic. Your past customers have often referred new customers to you.

You typically produce a 10ft by 10 ft mosaic in about a week, and you usually have 3-5 mosaics in progress at any given time. You have recently begun producing your own tiles with hard-to-find colors and color grading in the surface which allow you to create greater realism in your mosaics. You know you can’t rely on your few artists to oversee all these mosaics as business grows, and you need to develop a more automated way to do your work. You are free to rename your organization if you so desire.

Deliverables: A team list with your individual roles on the team, a new Company name, Any considerations you want to record regarding your project and how you will succeed.

please look at the attachment, in the attachement the memo I worked with group and we wrote a short answers in each memo you will have to write paper 15 pages based on the memo and the short answer for each memo and the budgets.

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