can someone can help me with analyzing a poem essay

analyzing poem

giving a title of the essay

five paragraphs

you can consider the topic of the poem for the body paragraph are :Conformity, Desire, Existing in a judgmental world, or Fear of Rejection

#note: do not use third person in writing for the essay For example ( wrong: I am analyzing the poem…….)

_careful to use comma, semicolon, comma

_ I need the highlight in poem where you quote and analyzing in the essay

Introduction: state the name of the poet, his nationality, when he lived, and the title of poem and its date. Next, mention the type of poem it is- if it is a recognizable type (for example a sonnet or a dramatic monologue). At the end of the paragraph, state your thesis

Body 1: analyzing first topic, quote, supporting thesis

Body 2: analyzing second topic, quote, supporting thesis

Body 3: analyzing third topic, quote, supporting thesis


works cite

the poem in the file

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