can you write a 4 page annotated bibliography?

For this project, you will do some scholarly research on Watchmen.
The finished project will be an annotated bibliography with 4 sources.
One of these sources is the article I provided to you, “The Human
Stain,” to get you started.


  • Find appropriate sources
  • Use MLA citation
  • Distinguish between types of sources
  • Summarize sources
  • Evaluate sources
  • Apply research to course text

The first step is finding 3 sources that would be helpful in preparing your Watchmen
final presentation, so be sure to review the possible topics. This
should help you focus on what types of articles that will be most
useful. You should not simply use the first sources you find.

(For help, read the Research Overview section of Purdue’s OWL site ( (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.).

Keep in mind that these academic sources don’t necessarily need to be directly about the particular work you are researching. You may use history, psychology,
sociology, economics, or any approach that you can clearly apply to
your chosen work. After deciding upon 3 sources, you will create an
annotated bibliography.

The Assignment: For each article, you will turn in a 1­page, single­ spaced response that includes the following. Label each section.

Citation (Use MLA format. For help go to OWL( (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Summary (Be sure to present the main points, and demonstrate by using examples and quotations)

Evaluation (Explain the strengths and weaknesses of the content, type, and author of your source)

Synthesis (Briefly explain how you would use the source in a research paper about the literary work)

Assessment and Grading:

You should use
the rubric to help guide you while you are working on the project.
Please refer to the Glossery for the definition/explanation of terms.
The assessment categories for this project will be:




I will be giving you your grade for the
assignment. Though the grade will largely be based on how you do in
these three categories, there is not a grand equation that connects
grading to the rubric. You will also need to get the citations correct. I
will count off for mistakes there. Here is the link for the other 3 sources you need to find that is related to “Watchmen” book: (It can’t be from google)…

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