Case Study please follow directions

For the case studies learners will be required to write and submit a narrative that includes an analysis of the business situation, responses to the questions in narrative form and provide relevant recommendations that might positively impact the organization.  The criteria for the case study written assignment is as follows:

1.  The case study must be word-processed, double-spaced, and due to the facilitator via hard-copy by the beginning of Class 4.

2.  The case study should be 4-6 full pages of content and a reference page.  Each case will have several questions that must be answered in narrative form in the body of the case analysis. 

3.  The case study must have an introduction, body and conclusion.

4.  The case study must have logical flow and smooth transition between ideas.

5.  The case study must be free from grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors.

6.  The case study must adhere to APA style.

You only have to pick one of the four

powerinfluence for case study 3.pdf 

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