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Some guide lines on preparing a WBS: each task/sub-task must include a verb to describe the action associated with the task/sub-task. Task names should not be too long, it is common to try and describe the task in the name, but they should just be a label of two or three words each. Indenting is used to designate each level in the WBS. The preferred numbering system is as follows:

1.0 Project AB

      1.1 Task A

            1.1.1 Sub-task A1

            1.1.2 Sub-task A2

      1.2 Task B

            1.2.1 Sub-task B1

            1.2.2 Sub-task B2 etc..

Can you add any information on how to prepare a WBS (Work Breakdown Structure)?

(Please do not just copy and paste directly from a source to answer the question. It should be an original and good quality answer.) Thanks!

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