Comparative Literature 36: Global Humanities and Human Rights Discourses – Final Paper

Please choose ONE of the following prompts
and write a 5-6 double spaced page paper in response:

Prompt: 1.Please analyze the circulation of the gaze in one or two texts (films or fiction) we’ve analyzed together, reflecting on one of the following themes: the objectifying nature of the gaze, the ways in which the gaze can reproduce social violence in interpersonal relationships, the manner in which the gaze can inflict traumas upon the individual psyche, the relationship between the social gaze and the internal self-directed gaze, the way in which returning the gaze can be an empowering gesture, using the gaze as a means of creating alternative representations and as a form of social protest (or a theme of your choice). In your essay, you can either choose to focus at length on one literary text or film as your main focus, or you can compare two cultural objects.

Format: Each essay should contain a clear title, a main thesis, a well-developed structure, and supporting arguments. Generally, a formal paper structure should include the following components: 1) an opening paragraph, which details your main argument (a clear thesis that introduces your main concerns, clearly states the primary (and secondary sources) you will be employing and why, and situates your argument in relation to the text; the intro paragraph should not simply rephrase the prompt, but it should offer a personal interpretation of the text(s) selected in response to the prompt; 2) developing paragraphs that demonstrate your main thesis by employing examples from the text(s), close readings, and secondary sources if needed; each paragraph should have a clear argument that adds on to your general view and flows naturally; 3) a concluding paragraph, which synthesizes the main points of your essays and draws conclusions that do not simply restate prior arguments; 4) a works cited section.

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