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Difficult Conversations

As you saw in the Penny’s Performance Review video, employees do not always understand they are not meeting expectations until it’s too late.

Scenario: The performance of your top employee has recently slipped. You had a conversation with the employee to address it. The employee improved for a period of time, but slipped again. Now your boss has noticed, which questions your leadership. You do not want to terminate this employee because you know the value of this person and his/her work, and you trust and respect this employee; however, you are starting to look bad.

It is time to take action, so you schedule a meeting with the employee.

Part One: Discuss your strategy (supported by sources) for the meeting, including:

  • How will you use candor to make your point clear during the conversation?
  • How will you remove your own personal emotion from the conversation, while still maintaining empathy and trust with the employee?
  • Considering the course materials for this week, what techniques for building effective working relationships will you employ, and why do you choose these techniques?

Part Two: Write a brief dialog recording the conversation between you and this employee that demonstrates your use of the strategies outlined above.

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