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1: What is the difference between qualitative and quantitative data? Give an example of how you might use different colors to symbolize qualitative data and then another example of how you might use different colors to symbolize quantitative data.


Week 3 Country Post: North America/Middle America


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Choose a country or region from the realm we are studying for the week and tell us something about it. This can be a story of personal experience there or current news (political, economy, science, cultural, etc.). Perhaps there is a traditional music, dance, or food that you find interesting (maybe it has modern interpretations?). You could even discuss the landscape – is there something unique there that can’t be found anywhere else in the world? This could be a scenic view, world heritage site, particular species of animal or plant.

Anything you find interesting and want to share is what I am looking for. Make sure you put some effort in it. You don’t necessarily have to do research with lots of sources, but your post should be somewhat substantial. By that I mean at least a short paragraph (4-5 sentences). The main thing is I want you to enjoy doing this, so have fun and I can’t wait to read the posts!

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