Confucius’ Analects — qualities/responsibilities of the “junzi”

In the Analects, we find many references to the junzi 君子or “gentleman” as an ideal to be attained (Cf. “Glossary of Terms,” p. 238).What qualities and/or responsibilities characterize such a person and how ought the junzi behave?Does everyone have the innate capacity to become a junzi?Relevant passages include (but are not limited to): 4.5, 4.16, 5.10, 9.14, Book 10, 13.20.

– Include your ideas, reflections, and questions that arise during the reading of the texts. 

– You should think of the response papers as a venue for exploring ideas and themes that could potentially become the topic for a longer paper. 

  • Response papers should be structured as miniature essays—with clear introduction, analysis, and conclusion. Due to the tight word limit, you will naturally need to strive for a special economy and conciseness. 
  • Response paper should include at least ONE quote from the primary texts. Make sure to provide the source and page number in parenthesis. Eg: (Analects 1.6, p. 3). 

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