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Scholarly Journal Article Review

For this Assignment you will explore the empirically-based scholarly journal article found below. You will need to carefully examine it to see what criminological theories are being explored and how they are explored using both qualitative and quantitative methods. In 2–4 pages, respond to the following questions:

  1. Identify what criminological theories are being examined.
  2. Discuss what type of behavior(s) is being explored.
  3. Discuss what qualitative and quantitative research methods are being used.
  4. Discuss at least two (2) major findings from this study.

Read the article from the Western Criminology Review.

Gunnison, E., & M. McCartan, L. (2010). Persistent versus late onset among female offenders: A test of state dependent and population heterogeneity interpretations. Western Criminology Review, 11(3). 45–62. Retrieved from

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