Critical Thinking Discussion: Addressing Dilemmas

You will integrate professional social work approaches, social work values and ethics, spirituality, cultural competence in working with the elderly.

Also, it is important to consider your own personal and professional experiences and how (if any) this learning/experience may impact the way you work with families in the future.

Utilize the question below to frame your initial posting. You will further enhance this discussion by responding to your peers’.

  • There are a number of situations/circumstances that present that may surface in working with an elder and their family. Navigating the client/family through a crisis is essential. They are living through (a) stressful event(s) and/or are having difficulty coping with the presenting situation.
  • Identify one complex dilemma undocumented and unable to access medical care, etc.), summarize how you would provide intervention and describe the potential resolution.
  • Suggestions for themes/dilemmas include (acceptance of the aging process, family experiencing confusion as a result of working with an interdisciplinary team, developed anxiety/”nervous” by Hispanic elder client, a client being informed they have a life limiting illness, spiritual conflict, etc).

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