Culture Shock you have experienced

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“Eating Christmas in the Kalahari” and Bohannan’s (SM #5) “Shakespeare in the Bush.”  

write about an experience that YOU have had with “culture shock,” discuss what you learned from it, and relate it to the readings above. (Try to focus on one experience in detail, but you may draw on more than one if needed.)

800 words double spaced

In your essay, you should be sure to include:

•a thorough, detailed description of your experience that makes clear how and why it was a culture shock to you;

•a discussion of what you learned from the experience (in reflecting on the experience consider what you may have learned about the other culture, and/or your culture and yourself);

•explicit, effective comparisons with and connections to the readings, cited appropriately;

•and, a discussion of what you may have learned about culture and fieldwork through the assignment.

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