Designing and Managing Integrated Marketing Communications, Marketing Concepts Discussion help

  • The concepts that are the focus of this discussion are: Designing and Managing Integrated Marketing Communications, Managing Mass Communications, and Managing Personal Communications. First, is advertising effective? How do you know? What are the metrics for determining its effectiveness? How should we budget for advertising and more importantly marketing communications as a whole? Do the answers to the preceding questions differ between B2B and B2C markets? Why or why not? Be specific in your explanations.

  • Discuss ethical issues of marketing communications and in particular advertising to children, and marketing or advertising products such as tobacco or alcohol products to inappropriate customers/consumers. You also need to consider what to do, if anything, about other products that are definitely legal, such as fatty products, but seemingly have deleterious affects on some consumers.

  • One other area to consider and discuss this week is the use of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and professional websites such as LinkedIn for marketing communication purposes. How do these techniques relate to B2B as well as B2C businesses?

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