Discuss the use of mise-en-scene and cinematography and their relationship to the narrative, assignment help

From a contemporary American movie of your preference, choose a sequence of about 2-8 minutes and discuss the use of mise-en-scene and cinematography and their relationship to the narrative.  In this case, a sequence being defined as a series of connected shots (also called, but not limited to, a “scene”). 

Discuss details of interest in at least three areas of visual style — setting, lighting, costume, camera movement, figure expression and movement, framing, lens use/perspective, etc. (Bordwell/Thompson, Chapters 4-5) — and their affects on the sequence and the film as a whole.  Don’t just describe these elements, but try to determine their function in the sequence. Why might these stylistic choices have been made? What do they seem to mean for the sequence and its placement in the entire film narrative?  Note if there are progressions — or not — in the use of cinematic elements over the course of the sequence (e.g., the use of camera movement, contrasted with sudden stillness, can provide great emotional impact).

*NOTE: Chapter 11 in our Film Art text book illustrates some excellent examples of film criticism and will help you greatly in your paper writing.

DO NOT: 1) merely re-tell the events of the sequence with little analysis of what is occurring stylistically, or 2) discuss the sequence with no overall argument about its significance within the film as a whole.

The paper will be 3-4 typed pages, double-spaced

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