Discussion Literature question

Here is a link to a selection of poems by Archibald Lampman. The collection of poems is called “Lyrics of Earth.” “Lyrics of Earth” (Links to an external site.)

(Links to an external site.)What you need to do is choose one poem from this selection — one that resonates with you somehow — and answer the following:

1. Which poem did you choose? Why did you choose that one?

2. What kind of poem do you feel it is: a lyric, narrative, epic, or dramatic poem? Why?

3. These poems are about nature and emotions. During his difficult time, focusing on the beauty of nature is very important to help us quiet our minds. Also, we all are feeling a range of emotions due to the situation we’re currently in. Can you connect any parts of the poem to anything you’ve been experiencing lately? I’ve entered my own answer to this question as the first Discussion Board response along with a couple of pictures I took over the last week.

I’m not going to answer #1 or #2 — only #3. However, you need to answer all three.


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