Discussion repetition, force, and posture as related factor, art & design homework help

The focus of this week’s discussion is on repetition, force, and posture as related factors for musculoskeletal problems or injuries.  Your post should consist of 4 parts.

1.What is your primary musical instrument or occupational activity, and how much time do you spend performing this activity per day. If you are not musically active, select an analogous activity that you do routinely.

2.List the types (pinch, strike, etc.) and body locations of biomechanical forces, as well as related postural concerns that are associated with this instrument or activity.

3.Describe your experiences with injury-related sensations or symptoms (pain, fatigue, soreness, numbness, etc.) and how you think these experiences are related to the way you play your instrument, sing or do your chosen activity (ex: amount of time, force, or posture).

             4.Provide examples of how you have responded to these sensations.

Note: All assignments are to be written in paragraph format to show your ability to write in a flowing and academic fashion. DO NOT separate your posts into numbered or bullet-pointed sections.

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