Discussion Section interview to measure Violent Media Exposure and Aggression, philosophy homework help

This is the DISCUSSION section of my study paper. The experiment was an interview to measure Violent Media Exposure and Aggression. It was to measure if there was a positive correlation between them. The person interviewed showed positive correlation between Aggression an Violent Media Exposure. All of this is written in the Results Section in the uploaded documents. Also, please read the Introduction Section in the uploaded files and connect it with the assignment, The discussion section. The whole paper is connected so please read the introduction and write similar ideas. I have also put 5 as reference sources but could you only use the sources used in the introduction to support your your points in the discussion. Again the whole paper is connected, so please use the same sources as the ones in the introduction. I have uploaded the RESULTS section which is where you will find the information of the participant and therefore discuss the results in the DISCUSSION Section and connect it with the Introduction. The Methods Section was uploaded just in case you need more information. Please look at the 3 files uploaded before starting so the discussion section can be coherent with the rest. Thank you.

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