Diversity in children

1. This Discussion Board assignment will be very open-ended. It is up to you as a practicing or potential teacher to express what you found to be most impactful in terms of working with children and their families who live in poverty. You are required to write 3 or more well-developed paragraphs voicing what you have learned from this Learning Modules to include your opinions and concerns regarding this very fragile population that continues to grow within the State of Nevada and within our country. In order to receive credit, you must include statistics from the Kids Count publication regarding poverty and education. You may focus on the State of Nevada if you so choose. In addition, you must include information from the videos, “How America’s Public School System Keep Kids in Poverty,” “Help For Kids the Education System Ignores,” and the Article, “Why Pre-K Can Close the Achievement Gap.”

2. In closing, read, “Curricular Connections,” pages 118 through 126. Based on this information coupled with your own ideas, possible research, and heartfelt intuition, share with your peers a minimum of three ways that YOU will support children and their families who live in poverty?

3. What impacted you most about the content in this Learning Module and how will it SPARK your approach in working with diverse children and their families?

Note: We will not be addressing Chapter 7, Religion. We will not be addressing Chapter 8, Abilities as this content is covered in ECE 200 The Exceptional Child. We will not be addressing Chapter 9, Supporting Individual Learners as this content is covered in ECE 251 Curriculum. We will conclude with Chapter 8, Families.

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