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We like building relationships, are you looking for a long term opportunity or just a summer internship?

When can you start?

If you are in school, what is your availability?


If you are not currently in Utah, do you already plan to move to Utah? Why?


Are you a startup person? This isn’t a toy internship. We are an early stage startup doing awesome tech. You will do real development on real products, with real impact… You’d be diving into real design challenges in production code. What are your thoughts/feelings on this internship given this information?

Describe a project you have personally devised, designed, and executed that you did on your own? (That wasn’t a school assignment).

Why did you apply to PassiveLogic?


What math classes have you taken?

Have you taken thermodynamics & heat transfer classes?

Do you have any familiarity with control theory, building science, or HVAC systems?

Do you have experience with MathCad, Maple, or Mathematica?

What programming languages do you know? Which one do you like the best and why?

Have you ever written simulation software? What did it simulate?

What is the largest software project you’ve developed? How many lines of code and files/modules?



1-I am definitely looking for a long term relationship and i have been dreaming about a good company since I attended college and I have been looking for this opportunity since I graduated from college.

2-I can start the internship as soon as it starts.

3- i am not in school anymore I graduated in may 2018.

Q- I am not in Utah but I am planning on moving to Utah as soon as possible to start a new life and to make my dreams come to realty

4-I am always willing to learn new things and I would love to face some hard challenges because thats why I have been facing since I came to the states and I loved every moment of it because it made me stronger and smarter.

5-I have worked on my motorcycle and I have designed my own ideas to make it look and ride way better that before and I am happy with the results and everything is running perfect.

6- I applied to PassiveLogic because Im looking for my dream job and I have been looking for my dream job and I would like to use my knowledge to make the company better and be part of the team.

7-I have taken math 122 it included the arithmetic and algebra needed for science, technology, engineering and mathematics related disciplines.

Math 126 algebra.math 128 Trigonometric functions, identities, vectors, complex numbers, and trigonometric equations

Math 153 Introduction to limits, continuity, derivatives, and applications of derivative.

Analysis1 calculus and analysis 2 calculus.

8- yes my last semester I took an HVAC class and we had to make a whole project about it. We had to design and pick a house in a different state and calculate the cooling and heating and the duck work and we had a presentation about the whole project and I currently work in an HVAC company

9- I have taken COMP 1100 introduction to computing This course provided an overview of the current state of computing and its social implications.

10- No

11- We have used some lines of codes in my COMP class and we went through codes and how to make them.

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